Alma Concha Loretto Maestas

                                                                                              Jemez / Laguna

 Alma Concha Loretto Maestas "Painted Parrot" was born in 1941 and has been making pottery since 1948. She specializes in Storytellers. She digs her clay from   the Jemez Reservation, uses all natural slips From the Laguna Pueblo and fires her pottery in a Kiln. She was taught by her mother Carrie Reid Loretto. She is a member of the Water Clan. She has won awards consistently since 1972. She is the mother of Antoinette Concha. The squiggly line next to her signature denotes the Water Clan. She is related to Dorothy, Lupe, Edna, Fannie, Josephine and the late Mary Loretto, all sisters.